Return Of The Italian Tycoon
Return Of The Italian Tycoon
The Vineyards of Calanetti Series #2
Harlequin Romance - August 1, 2015

August's In The Spotlight is Return Of The Italian Tycoon by Jennifer Faye. Two things are necessary for ITS covers at Cover Cafe. First, there must be a great cover and then there must be great reviews for the romance inside.

This month's ITS is a category romance with the standard couple pose on the cover. However, there are a few touches that make it stand out from all of the other category covers. First, the couple's expression is charming and authentic. They look like a "real" couple as opposed to a " strike a pose" couple, and the slightly slanted angle gives us a unique view of the couple.

Second, I love the heroine's shawl with its warm autumn colors. I don't remember seeing one on a cover before and it captures your attention and creates a cozy look.

The story inside features one of my favorite themes, a girl next door falling for her wealthy boss. Small town girl, Kayla Hill, moves to the city and pursues her career 24/7. She lands a temporary job at an advertising agency and her boss is a wealthy advertising CEO, Angleo Amatucci. Their relationship is strictly business until fate intervenes when her employer's family has a crisis in Italy. Angelo returns to his childhood home in Tuscany and brings his assistant so he can work on business.

You know what happens next...romance under the Tuscan sun. The couple's journey to HEA makes a wonderful late summer read and it has received wonderful reviews.

Visit Jennifer Faye's website for more author and book details. Don't miss out on her recipes!

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