A Lover's Vow
A Lover's Vow
The Grangers #3
Mira - April 28, 2015

I love a handsome man in a well made suit and the cover for A Lover's Vow features a very handsome man in a very well made suit. I love the glimpse of the sports car and the Dallas style mansion in the background. The man is definitely doing very well in life.

This month's In The Spotlight features book #3 in the story of the three Granger brothers, reunited by their dying grandfather in Book #1. He begs them to save the failing family business. Complicating the issue is the fact their father has been in prison for the murder of their mother years ago. They promise to exhonerate their father and find the real killer. Two very large challenges and of course each brother meets a woman along the way.

Book 3 features the self-made millionare youngest son meeting a sexy private eye. She is the sister of his brother's fiance and not impressed with his partying style. This final installment brings all of the threads together from the first two books, solving what happened to their mother and also who is undermining their family business.

Be sure to check out the first two books, A Brother's Honor and A Man's Promise.

Visit Brenda Jackson's website for more author and book details.

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