Put Up Your Duke
Put Up Your Duke
A Dukes Behaving Badly novel #2
Avon - June 30, 2015

July's In The Spotlight is Put Up Your Duke by Megan Frampton. Two things are necessary for ITS covers at Cover Cafe. First, there must be a great cover and then there must be great reviews for the romance inside.

This month's cover is a classic romance cover but the couple is endearing. Yes, it features the typical hero with his shirt half off and the heroine is in a very long gorgeous gown. And yes, they are draped across the often used sofa prop but their expressions capture your attention. I appreciate that the heroine isn't exposing her raised and/or bent leg and that she is totally dressed. Plus, how romantic is the pose with her lovingly nestled between the hero's legs? Sigh...this is a very romantic cover.

The story inside is even more important and this romance aces the challenge. I love marriage of convenience romances and one that has humor is icing on the cake. Put Up Your Duke features Nicholas, a very bad playboy, who suddenly discovers he's become a Duke complete with an iron clad betrothal. It's a classic premise! Saving the Duke's newly acquired estate requires following through with the marriage and that is where the fun begins.

Can a playboy without scruples find happiness with beautiful Isabella, the perfect little good girl? It's a romance so the ending will be about love conquering all; but the humor along the way keeps the story fresh.

Visit Megan Frampton's website for more author and book details.

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