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Readers, authors, and romance cover devotees have spoken. The winners in Cover Cafe's 2009 Cover Contest are:

Sea Glass Tempt Me At Twilight
Winner in AR
Alternate Reality
Winner in HST
The Scandals of an Innocent Vision in White
Winner in TIC
Two Image Cover
Winner in CO
Midnight Cravings Werewolf Sanctuary
Winner in SE
Winner in WO

2009 Cover Cafe Committee:
  • Lisa Baca
  • Marlene Breakfield
  • Lee Brewer
  • Heather Brooks
  • Marian Clough
  • Linnae Crady
  • Leanne Davis
  • Ann Garland
  • Mary Alice Gibbons
  • Karen Hillis
  • Jenny Gustafsson
  • Christiane Johnson
  • Mary Ann Johnson
  • Amanda Kelsey
  • LinnieGayl Kimmel
  • Elaine Lee
  • Jeanette van de Lindt
  • Mary Lynne Nielsen
  • Cindy Olp
  • John Rothermel
  • Tina Scotton
  • Sharon Shearouse
  • Debbi Sochia
  • Katherine Vonderhaar
  • Karen Wheless

"I am woman hear me roar!" describes the 2009 contest winners. Five of the six winners feature solitary women on the covers. The only male is the tortured puppy wrangler featured on our Worst winning cover. That cover makes me laugh and go "aw how cute" at the same time. Make sure you click on either the winning covers or the links below to see all of the finalists and of course, the always fun voter comments.

Thank You to the coverballot committee members who faithfully vote on preliminary and final ballots throughout the year. Thank You to the Cover Cafe category chairs: Jenny, Jeanette, Lee, Katherine, Karen W. and Karen H. who handle the administrative work involved with the ballots for each of their categories. And last but not least, thank you to all of the readers, authors, publishers, and cover artists who nominate covers and vote in the contest. The contest is a team effort and it wouldn't exist without everyone participating.

We are still spreading our wings beyond sponsoring the annual contest. Our latest project was the launch of our Dear Publisher Blog this spring. The initial topics have ranged from what makes a romance, a romance to my personal love of a great pair of shoes on covers. It's a place to discuss what we love and also what drives us crazy about the wonderful world of covers. We hope you stop by and join in. If you have any great ideas for topics please contact: Linnae.

The nominations for the best and worst in 2010 are open until January 15, 2011. If you see a great cover this year, please visit Cover Cafe and fill out a nomination form.

Linnae Crady
Cover Cafe Committee Chair
June 28, 2010


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