Cover Contest 2010
Click on each cover and see how the ten finalists finished in each category and read the voter comments.

Winner in AR Torment
Alternate Reality

Winner in CO Sugar Creek

Winner in HST Lightkeeper's Bride

Winner in SE Under the Marshall's Protection

Winner in TIC The Healer's Apprentice
Two Image Covers

Winner in WO Floggers' Holiday Sale

It's official!

The contest voters have chosen the best and worst 2010 romance book covers and this year, women and landscapes won top honors. We had everything on our slates to appeal to voters. There were handsome men, lovely ladies, romantic couples, a few lush landscapes, and then there were the mysterious heros and heroines appearing in our Alternate Reality category.

Our Worst slate this year featured erotica gone wrong, not because of the sexy content, but because a publisher failed to impress a reader and the reader nominated the cover in our notorious Worst category.There is one consistent factor in our romance cover contest - romance readers have vastly different opinions about what makes a great, or not so great, cover. This factor makes designing covers challenging for publishers but fascinating for Cover Cafe.

Thank you to the committee chairs and the committee for all of their dedication to the contest and a huge thank you to everyone who nominated 2010 covers. The contest wouldn't exist without your efforts.

Thank you for voting in the 2010 Romance Cover Contest and we hope you enjoy viewing the results. Don't forget to nominate your favorite or least favorite 2011 romance covers! Nominations are open for 2011 covers until January 15, 2012 and the committee will begin voting on the nominations in late July. Click on each winning cover above and see how the ten finalists ranked in each category, complete with the popular voter comments.

Linnae Crady
Cover Cafe Committee Chair
June 27, 2011

A Special Thank You to the 2010
Cover Cafe Committee & Category Chairs!

Lisa Baca
Susie Black ~ Feature Contributor
Marlene Breakfield
Lee Brewer ~ TIC Co-Chair
Heather Brooks
Marian Clough
Linnae Crady ~ Contest Chair/Web Publisher
Leanne Davis
Ann Garland
Mary Alice Gibbons
Karen Hillis ~ SE Chair
Jenny Gustafsson ~ AR Chair
Christiane Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson
Amanda Kelsey
LinnieGayl Kimmel
Elaine Lee
Jeanette van de Lindt ~ HST Chair
Mary Lynne Nielsen
Cindy Olp
John Rothermel
Tina Scotton
Sharon Shearouse
Debbi Sochia
Katherine Vonderhaar ~ TIC Co-Chair
Karen Wheless ~ CO & WO Chair

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