Cover Contest 2011
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Winner in AR Angels of Darkness
Alternate Reality

Winner in CO The Perfect Play

Winner in HST The American Heiress

Winner in SE Branded

Winner in TIC Scandalous Desires
Two Image Covers

Winner in WO Chain of Kisses

It's official!

The annual contest process is complete and the 2011 results are ready for Cover Cafe fans to enjoy. This year, the biggest cover trend was the "back". There were covers featuring a "woman incognito" facing away from the camera and also covers featuring a "talk to the hero and heroine's back" scenario. I haven't decided whether the trend was a compromise between the "anti-head chopping" readers and the "I don't want to see faces on my covers." readers or if publishers just jumped on the "back" bandwagon one by one.

I am ready for the next cover trend and I hope it delights readers. Romance covers should inspire readers to take a chance on a new author or pick up a book because the cover is so intriguing, they want to discover the story inside.

It always fascinates me how certain covers inspire detailed voter comments and others don't. Sentimental covers, mysterious covers, and "What were they thinking?" covers often inspire the most comments. I can't wait to see which 2012 covers inspire next year's voters.

Each year, it's important to highlight those who work behind the scenes of the contest. Thank you to the committee chairs and the committee for all of their dedication to the contest and a huge thank you to everyone who nominated 2011 covers and voted in this year's contest. The contest wouldn't exist without everyone doing their part. You'll find the committee names listed in the right hand column.

Congratulations to Jen B. from the state of Delaware! Jen won the Cover Cafe tote bag this year. Her lucky number was 2,400 and her lucky day was May 5th, the day she voted on the TIC ballot. The votes were sorted by date received and the winning number of 2,400 was randomly selected. Jen's TIC ballot was the lucky winner.

And finally, don't forget to nominate your favorite or least favorite 2012 romance covers! Nominations are open for 2012 covers until January 15, 2013.

Linnae Crady
Cover Cafe Committee Chair
June 12, 2012

A Special Thank You to the 2011
Cover Cafe Committee & Category Chairs!

Lisa Baca
Susie Black ~ Feature Contributor
Marlene Breakfield
Lee Brewer ~ TIC Co-Chair
Marian Clough
Linnae Crady ~ Contest Chair/Web Publisher
Leanne Davis
Leigh Davis
Ann Garland
Mary Alice Gibbons
Karen Hillis ~ SE Chair
Jenny Gustafsson ~ AR Chair
Christiane Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson
LinnieGayl Kimmel
Elaine Lee
Jeanette van de Lindt ~ HST Chair
Mary Lynne Nielsen
Cindy Olp
John Rothermel
Sharon Schofield
Sharon Shearouse
Debbi Sochia
Katherine Vonderhaar ~ TIC Co-Chair
Karen Wheless ~ CO & WO Chair

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