Cover Contest 2012
Click on each cover and see how the ten finalists finished in each category and read the voter comments.

Winner in AR Vengeance Born
Alternate Reality

Winner in CO Bomerang Bride

Winner in HST To Whisper Her Name

Winner in SE Wild Encounter

Winner in TIC Pure
Two Image Covers

Winner in WO Pretty As A Picture

It's official!

Cover Cafe's annual cover contest results are ready for their close-up. We hope you enjoy reading the comments and discovering how the covers placed in each category. Thank you to everyone who nominated covers, voted, and left comments this past year. Thank you to the contest committee and the chairs for their participation in this year's judging process. Just as the publishing industry is in transition with the explosion of digital publishing, our contest is due for an evaluation and reboot. The contest chairs and I will be looking at the existing categories and voting process. It's important that the contest continues reflecting the varied tastes of romance readers and also invites interaction throughout the year.

At the end of our evaluation, there may be just a few cosmetic changes or several major changes in the contest voting process. We want the contest to remain a useful communication tool for readers, authors, artists, and publishers. The contest's mission is offering romance readers a place where they can express what they love on romance covers and what they don't love on covers. It's also an avenue for expressing appreciation for the talented individuals creating today's romance covers.

Click on each of the six categories above and discover how the ten finalists fared in this year's contest. What was it about each cover that inspired a voter to chose it over the other nine? There is always a wealth of information about readers' tastes and expectations in the contest comments. And yes, there are the always entertaining worst comments, too. Click on that category at your own risk.

And finally, don't forget to nominate your favorite or least favorite 2013 romance covers! Nominations are open for 2013 covers until January 15, 2014.

Post a Contest Comment. Read comments from the authors, publishers, and those involved in designing the finalist covers.

Linnae Crady
Cover Cafe Committee Chair
June 17, 2013

A Special Thank You to the 2012
Cover Cafe Committee & Category Chairs!

  • Lee Brewer ~ SE & TIC Co-Chair
  • Marian Clough
  • Linnae Crady ~ Contest Chair/Publisher
  • Leanne Davis
  • Leigh Davis
  • Janet Fear
  • Ann Garland
  • Pat Henshaw
  • LinnieGayl Kimmel
  • Mary Alice Gibbons
  • Jenny Gustafsson ~ HST Chair
  • Christiane Johnson
  • Elaine Lee
  • Jeanette van de Lindt ~ AR Chair
  • Mary Lynne Nielsen
  • Cindy Olp
  • Sharon Schofield
  • Sharon Shearouse
  • Debbi Sochia
  • Katherine Vonderhaar ~ SE & TIC Co-Chair
  • Karen Wheless ~ CO & WO Chair

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