Cover Contest 2014
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Winner in AV
Avant Garde

Winner in CO

Winner in HST

Winner in TIC
Two Image Covers

Winner in WO

Nominate your favorite or least favorite 2015 romance covers! Nominations are open for 2015 covers until January 15, 2016.

Enjoy the results!
Linnae Crady
Cover Cafe Committee Chair
June 15, 2015

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A Special Thank You to the 2014
Cover Cafe Committee & Category Chairs!

  • Lee Brewer ~ CO & TIC Co-Chair
  • Marian Clough
  • Linnae Crady ~ AV, CO, WO & Contest Chair
  • Leanne Davis
  • Janet Fear
  • Ann Garland
  • Pat Henshaw
  • LinnieGayl Kimmel
  • Jessi Gage
  • Mary Alice Gibbons
  • Jenny Gustafsson ~ HST Chair
  • Christiane Johnson
  • Mary Anne Landers
  • Jeanette van de Lindt
  • Camille Minor
  • Mary Lynne Nielsen
  • Cindy Olp
  • Kimberlee Sams
  • Sharon Shearouse
  • Debbi Sochia
  • Katherine Vonderhaar ~ CO & TIC Co-Chair

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