2014 Cover Trends – Pianos

I keep tabs on possible future cover trends as a little side hobby and I’ve collected enough evidence (aka covers) for another 2014 cover trend prediction.  I’m not sure  if using a piano will be a major trend but it is a definite mini trend.

Background items add interest to cover layouts and they are often described in the romance beneath the cover.    During the past two years, we’ve seen women, men, and even couples draped across a lovely settee, divan, or sofa.   I’m hoping that the “settee”  trend is  growing cold and the arrival of a piano or harpsichord as a  background item gives me hope.   However, if the piano appears on too many covers,  I’ll be wishing for its demise in a future Pet Peeves post. Enjoy the covers below and notice how cover designers  used  the “keyboard” musical instrument in their layouts.

A Marriage of Notoriety

Harlequin – 12/14

This hero is willing to teach the heroine about more than the piano.  I don’t believe they really care about the music in this captured intimate moment.

A Passion for Pleasure

Grand Central Publishing – 04/14

I wonder just what this heroine is gazing at in the distance and I love the deep purple gown against the golden piano.

The Nurses's Perfect Match

Harlequin Heartsong Presents – 05/14

I don’t know about nurses and pianos but this scene reminds me of a family that plays together, stays together.

Playing By Heart

Bethany House – 08/14

This is such a great cover, the heroine’s costume looks  authentic, the upright piano rocks, and the title’s play on words wins my vote!

Not Quite A wife

Zebra – 08/14

This cover features another gorgeous purple gown and a white piano or perhaps a harpsichord. Maybe I should alter my forecast to include purple gowns accompanied by keyboard instruments. :D

If you haven’t voted yet in the annual cover contest, you have until May 21st, 2014 to choose your favorite covers from 2013.  Below is the link to the contest:


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