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In The Spotlight is the place where romances released in the past 30 days are showcased.   There are always links to reviews, the author’s website, and to any other interesting trailers or interviews on the internet.  Just what does it take to be  featured on Cover Cafe’s  home page?  Two things are required – a great cover and good reviews.   It’s always a win, win when the cover and the story both satisfy the  inner romantic.  Cover Cafe loves giving a shout out to terrific romance covers and when the inside is even better…sigh.

Enjoy the latest romance featured on the home page and also click on the In The Spotlight link where you will find  previous ITS covers.  Maybe you will find a new author or two.  Enjoy the view and the reviews!

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Romancing the Rumrunner

Entangled Publishing – June 9, 2014

Romancing the Rumrunner by Michelle McLean, takes place during Prohibition in Chicago. Take one beautiful Rumrunner and mix in one determined gumshoe then step back and watch the sizzle.

Read the reviews at Good Reads for Romancing the Rumrunner.

Visit Michelle’s website for author bio & more details about RTR.

Watch the RTR trailer from You Tube:


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Puzzle Quest – Lady of Eve – 2014 Historical Romance

There is a new cover added to our Puzzle Quest feature.  Try out your puzzle skills on the 2014 historical romance,  Lady of Eve,   I love that  gorgeous golden braid.

If you are puzzle challenged like moi, don’t worry about your time…it’s all about finishing the puzzle, not how long it takes.    There is a wonderful sense of satisfaction when the cover is complete.  That satisfaction makes the process and in my case, lengthy completion time, worth it.   Enjoy the challenge and try some of the previous Puzzle Quest covers, too!    Have a great weekend!

Self-Published - June, 2014


Shoes sans couples – 2014 Romance Cover Pet Peeve

I love shoes and I love seeing shoes used on a cover layout.   Who can forget the wildly popular bride cover from Nora Robert’s 2009 Vision in White ?  The shoe peeking out from the gorgeous wedding gown was iconic.  VIW  gave everyone a glimpse of the bride while still securing the mystery of the story inside.  The cover was loved by almost everyone and it won First Place in our Contemporary Category in the 2009 Cover Contest.  Click on the cover to visit the 2009 Contemporary Results page.

Vision in White - 2009

Vision in White – Berkley – 2009

However, this year I’ve seen a small (Thank heavens it’s small!) trend emerge inspiring an Amber Alert for the hero and heroine.  Yes, there are problems with readers not wanting to see H/H faces so their mental images aren’t destroyed.  Yes,  there are the ‘poser’ couple covers that look as natural as the old style Sears’ or Penney’s catalog layouts.   In spite of the frequent cover fails,  there should be some type of hero and/or heroine representation on covers.  An earlier pet peeve post discussed showing only legs on covers and now the legs have been dismissed and there isn’t a trace of a hero or heroine. Take a look for yourself at a few shoes sans couples covers from 2014.


Self Published – January, 2014


Simon Shuster UK – January, 2014


Harlequin – March, 2014


Choc Lit – August, 2014

Sue me,  I like either the hero, heroine, or a couple on my romance covers.   I love shoes, a gorgeous gown, a handsome  hero(especially in uniform) and couples in love on my covers.   I also enjoy beautiful landscape covers and if there happens to be a hero and/or heroine within that landscape….win, win!

I always show at least one cover that meets with my approval in my pet peeve posts.  Below is an upcoming September release that showcases the heroine and a shoe, too!


Pocket Books – September, 2014

UPDATED at 9:00pm CST :   I forgot to upload this cover earlier.  Here is a great example of a couple in love and a killer pair of boots.  Sigh…I rest my case.


Self-Published – March, 2014

Do you like shoes sans couples on your covers or do you agree with me that H/H  deserve their moments in the spotlight?

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Cover Cafe’s 2013 Cover Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who nominated covers for the 2013 contest and to everyone who voted in the online contest in May.  Thank you to the Category Chairs and the contest committee for all of their work this year. The results are now online and ready for their debut.  See how the sixty finalists fared in public voting and see which covers captured the top spot in their category. Make sure you visit each category page and read the always interesting voter comments.

If you have any general contest comments, please leave them in the comment section below.  Thank you for being a fan of Cover Cafe’s annual romance cover contest.   We’d love to know if you enjoyed the results and how you feel about the voters’ top choices for 2013.

Cover Contest 2013

2013 Cover Contest Results


Update: We often receive contest comments from authors and publishers via email, Facebook or Twitter.   I’ll post a few of them below so you can read the feedback, too!

Christine Trent – Author of Lady Of Ashes – Avant Garde – First Place

This is wonderful! Thank you so much! I just shared this on Facebook and will also update my web site. I totally did not expect this, especially given a couple of the covers in the Avant Garde category.

Amber Argyle – Author of Winter Queen – Two Image Covers – First Place

Wow! So exciting! I’m honored. Thank you!

Jennifer Laam – Author of  The  Secret Daughter of the Tsar – Avant Garde – Tie Second Place

Oh awesome news! Thank you so much, Linnae! I will go over there right now. This has been fun :) Jennifer

MaryLu Tyndall- Author of  Forsaken Dreams – Historical – First Place

WOW! That is so cool!! Thank you so much! I’m out of town at the moment with limited internet access so I’ll check the link when I return. This is so exciting!!!!

Alan Ayers – Illustrator of The Last Debutante – Historical – Second Place and The Switch – Sixth Place

Just made my day! Many thanks! Best, Alan

Bridget Hartzler, Publicist – St. Martin’s Press – Horizon – Contemporary – First Place

This is wonderful news!  Thank you for letting me know.  All the best,  Bridget

Barbour Publishing @BarbourBuzz via Twitter –  Forsaken Dreams – Historical – First Place

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just won a cover design contest for our book Forsaken Dreams.  Thanks @CoverCafe

Freda Warrington, Author of – The Grail of the Summer Stars – Avant Garde – Tie Second Place

Thank you so much for sending me the link to the Cover Cafe results, I really enjoyed looking through them. (the “Worst Cover” comments were so funny!) Of course, I wish Kinuko had won in her category, but second is good, and the cover that did win was beautiful, a very deserving winner indeed. I posted the link on my Facebook page. Thank you, I’ll look forward to voting in the contest again next year!  All best wishes,  Freda