The 2014 Holiday Favorites Cover Contest Results

2014 Holiday Favorites Cover Contest ~ First Place

Congratulations to Alanna Lucas, Boroughs Publishing Group,

and the Boroughs Art Department!

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Find out how all ten covers finished and read the voter comments on the results page. 

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Celebrate 2014 Hanukkah With A Romance & Children’s Book

Hanukkah 2014 begins on Tuesday, December 16th and ends on Wednesday, December 24th.    This week, I’m doing a happy dance because  I found a 2014 Hanukkah romance and an adorable children’s Hanukkah book online.    If you need a gift for someone in your life,  one of the stories  below might be the perfect choice and the covers are great, too.

Hearts of Hanukkah

Eve Paludan Books ~ eBook ~ October, 2014

The Night Before Haukkah

Gross & Dunlap ~ eBook & Print ~ October, 2014

For everyone that celebrates this special holiday, have a happy Hanukkah!

2014 Book Cover Trends ~ Ferris Wheels

2014 is almost in the history books but I have one more current cover trend to highlight before putting a lid on my 2014 book cover trends.  I’ve noticed that Ferris Wheels have become a mini trend.    Since I have a fear of falling, and have always avoided the dreaded Ferris Wheel with a passion,  I immediately noticed my nemesis appearing on several book covers.  It’s amazing how Ferris Wheels can depict either a charming tone or an ominous tone depending  how they are used by cover designers.  What do you think of this trend in background props?


dearth's Daughter

Carina Press ~ March, 2014

Fair Play

Howard Books ~ May, 2014


Katherine Tegen Books ~ July, 2014

At Blue Bonnet Lake

Revell ~ October, 2014


HMH Books – May, 2015



2014 Holiday Favorites Cover Contest ~ Honorable Mentions

2014 Holiday Favorites Honorable Mentions

Update:  The 2014 Holiday Favorites Cover Contest has closed.

Thank you for voting!

Look for the contest results online right before New Year’s Eve.

Tuesday, December 2nd will be launch day for the 2014 Holiday Favorites cover contest!  This year, instead of traditional Christmas colors and themes, many of the holiday covers displayed subtle hints about the holiday stories inside.  Our 20 contest committee members voted on 76 holiday themed covers and the covers receiving the most votes reached the final slate of ten.   We hope you’ll vote in the contest between December 2-20 at Cover Cafe.  Until then, let’s see which covers earned Honorable Mentions this year.

There are always lovely covers that miss making the finals and our annual Honorable Mentions post shines the spotlight on four deserving covers.  See if you agree with the 2014 Honorable Mentions.

The first HM cover features an adorable cat that charmed me from the first moment I saw the cover.  The blurred lines of the decorated tree in the background, signals it’s a holiday story but doesn’t take away the focus from the star of the cover, the feline, of course.

The Christmas Cat

Revell ~ September, 2014

Our second HM cover features one of my favorite background items…the gazebo!  It is all decked out in lights, a festive garland, and red bows. The snow covered park in twilight gives the cover a pristine backdrop and the red titles pop against the blue grey background color.  This cover definitely celebrates the holidays.

Their Holiday Together

Harlequin ~ September, 2014

Our third HM is one of our more  subtle holiday covers.  The tiny tree decorated with lights and a star on top,  floating in a red rowboat without a soul in sight, is endearing.    I would love staying in any one of the cottages featured on this cover because they look peaceful and romantic.

An Island Christmas

Ballantine Books ~ October, 2014

Our last HM cover earned an appearance for two reasons.  First, I love the festive gold and red color scheme. This cover is not subtle.  If I close my eyes, I can image the lovely Christmas tree just waiting for the beautiful glass ornaments and the packages under the tree all tied up with red and gold bows.   The second reason is because of the inventive title.  Insanity Claus deserves a special Honorable Mention for its wonderful play on words title.   This cover makes me happy just looking at it.

Insanity Claus

Novel Options, LLC

What do you think of this year’s Honorable Mentions?  I hope they help you get in the holiday mode and that you have a wonderful December.  Don’t forget to vote in this year’s contest between December 2-20, 2014!