Historical Romance Costume Battle – January 2015 Covers

In 2015, last year’s “gorgeous gown” trend is alive and well on Historical romance book covers.  However,  I’ve noticed some layout variety and a few passionate couples and that’s encouraging. The lone woman, dressed in a gorgeous gown, is still a strong trend but there are a few romantic couples gracing 2015 covers. I am a fan!

Battle of the Historical Costumes

I haven’t voted yet because I’m undecided.(What else is new?) I love the elegant yellow gown with long white gloves on the first cover and the red military jacket on the second cover. However, that purple gown is charming with the bustle detail in the back, too. Which cover did you vote for and why?

2015 ~ New & Notable Romance Book Covers

The contest committee is busy voting on all of the 2014 nominations for Cover Cafe’s annual cover contest in May.  That process goes on behind the scenes but while we wait, there are new and notable 2015 covers up for discussion in Dear Publisher. I found some great January covers!

I love the icy feel of the Frostfire cover’s grey, white, and red color scheme. I also love her fur trimmed boots and red coat. This heroine is appropriately dressed for the weather which isn’t the norm on romance book covers.


St. Martin’s Griffin ~ January, 2015

On the Brentwood’s Ward cover, I am a fan of the short green jacket over the elegant lace gown and the pose of the heroine and hero creates a touch of mystery. The hero dressed to the nines with a top hat and gloves signals he’s one of the landed gentry.  He looks interested but she looks a little concerned. Who is she looking at with that worried expression?

Brentwood's Ward

Shiloh Run Press ~ January, 2015

Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress has a great cover layout!  The street lamp, the buildings, the tawny colored sky, the wrought iron gate, and that beautiful fur-trimmed cape all create a mysterious backdrop for the heroine. Her shushing finger signals secrets and fun inside the cover. Plus, using the cape as the background for the title and author’s name is clever.  A+

Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress

Sourcebooks ~ January, 2015

Sunsets and water are always a winning combination and who doesn’t love  a handsome guy in t-shirt and jeans sitting on the dock of the bay?  I dare, I dare to love the cover of Love Me If You Dare.

Love Me If You Dare

Avon ~ December 30, 2014

And last but not least, the cover for Dictatorship of the Dress makes me smile and wonder about the challenges a wedding dress creates for this heroine.  You know the book will be a fun read by her sassy demeanor.

Dictatorship of the Dress

Penguin ~ January, 2015

I hope the stories inside match their great covers because that’s a win, win.  Do you agree with my new and notable January finds?  Which cover is your favorite or have you found another January cover that needs a shout out?

Romance Book Cover Pet Peeve – You’re Ruining My View

I am not a fan of marketing blurbs on book covers and they seldom influence my purchase. I understand that it’s a dog eat dog world in publishing but why have great illustrations and then slap on a marketing blurb, title, or even the author’s name over interesting details that add to the ambiance of the cover ?

My latest pet peeve is the terrific cover for Rogue Spy by Joanna Bourne released in November, 2014.  When I first saw the cover online it was Version 1 and I loved it. I submitted the cover to the Historical Chair, Jenny for the 2014 cover contest.  The street lights, the fully dressed, handsome hero, the interesting spire in the background, and the always popular carriages rolling down the street added depth, context and interest.

Alas, when the final cover was released, it was Version 2.  This version was cropped closer and the title covered the cute carriage and the marketing sticker covered the spire and part of that gorgeous sky.  Don’t get me wrong, the cover is still a good cover but the revised version is cluttered and the cover’s impact is minimized.  Vote for your favorite version in the poll below.


Am I the only one who has an intense dislike for marketing blurbs covering a great illustration? Granted the words inside are still from fabulous Joanna Bourne but I enjoy the covers and I have often purchased a new author just because of the cover. I have NEVER purchased a new author because of a marketing blub. Just give me a clean cover with book title, author’s name and a great illustration and put a summary on the back. That’s it…forget the blurbs for this buyer. How do you feel about blurbs ruining the view?