2015 ~ June New and Notable Book Covers

It may not look like it, but the contest results are being prepared and will be online next week.  While we wait for them, there are some new and notable book covers to celebrate.  May I have a drum roll please…

June is the month of weddings and what better way to begin than with a wedding cover?  Instead of the traditional  bride in a gorgeous gown, the cover’s focus is on a bridesmaid and her significant other or maybe he’s someone she’s just met and there was instant chemistry? This cover inspires all types of questions.   Having the guy stand on a bench and bend down for a kiss is 100% adorable.  I wonder if this scene happens in the book?  I love this fun & romantic cover and the flowering trees in the background are gorgeous!

Falling For The Bridesmaid

Harlequin Romance ~ June, 2015

There is so much right with this next Contemporary cover, I don’t know where to begin.   I’ll start by saying that  having Big Ben in the background is a winning detail but then the entire background setting is gorgeous. The colors, the pensive heroine, and the title placement all work together for a beautiful cover.   Plus, having the heroine turned from the camera leaves the mystery for those who prefer not seeing faces on covers.  It also keeps the heroine’s upper body in tact for those of us who hate the “chopped of heads” technique.  Love her haircut, too!

London Tides

David C. Cook ~ June, 2015

This next notable cover is a fresh take on a much used Historical trend, the heroine draped across a chaise lounge.    I love her expression, the lovely gold gown, and her pose is a natural one.  I can image the heroine sitting comfortably in this position.  Thank you, thank you because her legs being exposed doesn’t look contrived.  Her expression is “come hither” or is it “come and get me”?  Either one fits the title (which has an elegant script font) and I really love the marketing blurb being down the right side and not ruining the view.  Plus, the blurb’s blue background stands out from the neutral tones of the cover.  This is a beautiful historical cover!

Charmed and Dangerous

Sourcebooks ~ June, 2015

My final choice is an Avant Garde cover for a Dystopian debut novel.  I am intrigued by the layout.  The large and imposing title is used as a divider between the pretty heroine standing against a pastel city skyline and the vivid red reflection of the same photo on the lower half.  The contrast must symbolize the difference between one’s life if chosen and one’s life if not chosen.  The cover makes me wonder what this choosing is all about and how it affects the heroine.  She looks worried about her future.


Tyndale ~ May, 2015

This completes my choices for new and notable this month.  I can’t wait to see what July will bring.