August, 2015 – Golden Earrings Book Cover Showdown

Cover Cafe’s latest  Puzzle Quest cover is from Belinda Alexandra’s Golden Earrings.  While researching information on the cover, I noticed there have been several covers created for Belinda’s novel  in Australia, UK, Hungary, and the US & Canada.  All of them are terrific but I believe a cover showdown is needed to determine which cover is the favorite.  (Click on the covers in the poll for a larger image.)

Golden Earrings Cover Showdown

My favorite is the cover just released in the U.S. and Canada.   First, there is the elegant Barcelona church steeple with the palm trees, and that beautiful flower on the bottom.  Second, I love the heroine and that adorable heart hoop earring placed at the top of the cover.  The title and author’s name don’t over power the images and yet they are visible in thumbnail size.  I appreciate specific components on each of the other three covers but overall I choose the layout on the U.S. cover.  Which cover is your favorite choice and why?

2015 – August New and Notable Book Covers

Late summer is a wonderful time to kick back and relax with a good book.  I also love a great cover when I kick back and relax.  In fact, I have been known to avoid purchasing a book because of a less than stellar cover and my TBR has several books from genres I don’t enjoy but I purchased because of the cover.  Shallow?  Yes, but the book covers have always been a huge part of my fascination and enjoyment of books.  I love discovering captivating covers and it’s a double win if the story inside is great and from one of my favorite genres.   Below are my captivating cover choices from the July and August releases.

My first find is Circling The Sun and I’ve added it to our Avant Garde nominations.  The heroine reminds me of a young Katherine Hepburn who was unique, always independent, and ahead of her time.  I love the soft golden tones of the African background scene, her casual pose, the glass of whiskey on the table, (whiskey is an assumption on my part) her masculine clothing, and that gorgeous hair style.  This cover gives us several clues about the story inside. The heroine inside is Beryl Markham, an unconventional woman raised in Kenya by her father in the 1920’s.  She eventually becomes an aviator and is described as a woman ahead of her time and unconventional.  This cover captures her essence 100%.

Circling The Sun

Ballantine Books – July, 28, 2015

My second find is another Avant Garde cover nomination, Mechanica.  This is a young adult release with a Cinderella theme and two twists.  The first is the addition of the heroine’s steampunk talent for inventing things in a discovered workshop.  This talent earns her the nickname of Mechanica which she embraces.  The second twist is this version of Cinderella doesn’t have the typical marry the prince and live happily ever after ending.  The heroine finds her happiness isn’t tied up with marriage but with her talent and her future.  The non-HEA ending  makes this cover perfect for our Avant Garde category .   I love the lavender and dark grey tones used on the cover, the moonlight illuminating the scene, the heroine holding the quintessential glass slipper hinting that it has a Cinderella theme, and the mechanical wheels signal a steampunk aspect to the story.  This is a enchanting cover and yes, I was captivated.


Clarion Books – August 25, 2015

My third find is a Contemporary romantic suspense that immediately caught my attention online.   This is a poignant cover because there is such sorrow reflected in the hero’s face and pose.  You know his problems and betrayal are catastrophic without any further description.  I want to know the who, what, why, and where immediately.  The broken mirror shards add an extra dimension to the mystery.  Something in this man’s life has been shattered.   Forsaken is a stunning cover and this romantic suspense is on my TBR wish list.


Gallery Books – August 18, 2015

My final cover this month is from What To Do With A Duke, the first book in the Spinster House Series.   This historical romance features Miss Isabelle Catherine Hutting, a lovely woman who is not interested in a husband.  Cat crosses paths with Marcus, Duke of Hart,  a royal dealing with a family curse and owner of the Spinster House.  He believes the curse is real and that fact prevents him from pursuing marriage.  Will they fall in love? Yes, because it’s a romance and that means a HEA is guaranteed.   I love the English garden, the couple’s appropriate attire (especially his jacket) and their tender embrace.  The interested feline in the background adds a touch of whimsy and makes me smile.   I wonder if the cat is a major story element or just a background prop?

What To Do With A Duke

Kensington – August 25, 2015

That’s it for this month.  What do you think of my choices?  Do you give them a thumbs up or thumbs down?