Passionate Couple Book Cover Showdown

Passionate Couple Showdown

One of my favorite covers from Cover Cafe’s 2011 cover contest was the 4th place cover in the Historical category.  I loved the passionate couple’s expression on Pride & Passion and I loved the background and the warm autumn colors used on the cover, too.  When creating wonderful book covers, capturing authentic expressions is one of the most difficult tasks.   Very few models have the ability to produce authentic expressions on cue and a fake or “poser” expression can destroy the mood a cover designer hopes to create.  (This might explain why there are so many headless models on today’s book covers. )  Hats off to the talented individuals responsible for the HQN 2011 cover.

Art Director: Kathleen Oudit; Cover Design: Fion Ngan;
Photographer: Glenn Mackay;
Retouching & Illustrative work: Allan Davey

While hunting for great 2015 covers,  I discovered my passionate couple adorning another cover on Heart of Courage.  The cover designer created a totally different layout by pulling in for a close-up of the couple, eliminating the background except for the all important column. Nothing is sexier than a passionate embrace against a column, door, or wall.    The couple was also reversed and the heroine’s gown was changed to blue.  There were several 2011 voters who mentioned the rust/orange color of the dress.  They weren’t fans of the color and the color change eliminates the problem.    I still prefer the 2011 cover but the 2015 version is a great encore for our passionate couple. Do you agree that the cover designer did a great job at making the second cover unique?  Vote for the cover you believe is the best in the poll below and if you have time, leave a comment about your choice in the blog comment section.

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2015 – September New And Notable Book Covers

I can’t believe that September is here and the leaves will soon begin to turn and then…dreaded winter arrives.  Dreading winter is the natural response of someone who lives in the Chicago suburbs where winter can be brutal.  I love the changing seasons and look forward to each of them but after the December holidays, I do not want any snow or ice.  When my thoughts turn to autumn, my preferences in covers turns towards fall colors and cozy things.  Here are my new and notable book cover choices for September. (Right click on the images for a larger size.)

This first cover is a perfect example of a western cover.  The male model even resembles a typical cowboy.   Plus, having his jeans and shirt be worn and rumpled adds authenticity.  The background signals the southwest and the muted autumn tones fits my September mood.  The font used for the author and the title work nicely with the layout and even the blurb adds rather than detracts from the mood.  Our cowboy is a drifter who runs across a maiden in distress.  You know what happens next…he can’t resist helping her and becomes involved in her problems and her life.

Sourcebooks - September, 2015

Sourcebooks – September, 2015

I love our second cover because of  the lighting, the simplicity, and the model’s thoughtful pose which pulls you in and makes you wonder about her situation.  She  seems so trusting and innocent.  The story inside deals with her dreams of opening a restaurant in the Amish community and her desire to protect her Amish heritage but a secret in her family could rock her world.   This cover is elegant and simple and one of my favorites this month.

WaterBrook Press - September, 2015

WaterBrook Press – September, 2015

I was charmed, charmed, charmed by this cartoon holiday cover.  I love the pastels used for the background buildings, the adorable Scottish terrier complete with red bow, the heroine’s red hat and gloves which pop against the evergreen branches. And of course, there are those great red shoes!  The story inside is about a woman fresh out of rehab facing the possibility of life alone without her family.  Her journey is all about enjoying the holiday even if it’s only for one.  I’m hoping there is a happy or at least satisfying ending because the cover is so endearing.

MIRA - September, 2015

MIRA – September, 2015

This  next cover caught my eye because I am a coffee addict and the cozy couple enjoying my favorite brew was too good to ignore. The browns and neutral tones used on this cover enhance the coffee theme and their close embrace signals warmth & couple chemistry.   It reminds me of the times I’ve spent with my husband enjoying a cup of coffee together.  I remember how good those times were for our relationship.  The story inside features a woman who owns an espresso coffee bar and in walks a man from her high school days.  He’s returned home years later looking for a fresh beginning.  Could they be each other’s favorite thing?

Montlake - September, 2015

Montlake – September, 2015

My last cover has several of my historical favorite trends featured.  They are the lovely red dress (which is an appropriate length), the pristine white gloves, her dark cascading curls, and the all important staircase and veranda.  Plus, the look on the heroine’s face shows spirit and determination and I’m curious about her story.  The romance takes place in New Orleans and features two people from different social spheres falling in love.  I’m a huge fan of anything set in New Orleans.

Kensington - September, 2015

Kensington – September, 2015

That’s it for my September new and notables.   Did any of them intrigue you or are they destined to be only my new and notable covers?  Let me know what you think of them in the comment section.  Until next time…