2015 – Holiday Favorites Honorable Mentions


Tuesday, December 1st was launch day for the 2015 Holiday Favorites cover contest!  The committee voted on 80 holiday covers this year and the top ten survivors are competing for top honors in our annual contest.  We hope you’ll vote for your favorite holiday cover in the Cover Cafe contest between December 1-20.

There are always lovely covers that miss making the finals and our annual Honorable Mentions post shines the spotlight on four deserving covers.  See if you agree with the 2015 Honorable Mentions.


MIRA – September, 2015

For The Love Of Christmas is my sentimental favorite this year. This cartoon cover with the cute dog, red accessories, Christmas tree, and gift bags warms my heart. The story inside is about a woman facing her Christmas alone and the decisions she makes about celebrating the holiday.  I love the pastels used for the background buildings and the lack of marketing blurbs is another plus in my book.


MIRA – October, 2015

 A Winter Wedding cover almost made the final ten this year but it doesn’t really reflect the holidays until you read the story inside.  The cover is very subtle and only hints…no to be honest, there are zero hints that the story takes place around Christmas.  However, it is a beautiful cover and I love the white fur jacket the bride is wearing and her hair is beautiful, too.  I checked and Christmas is part of the story but this cover will work all through the winter season which is a marketing plus.


Center Point, Large Print – September, 2015

This Snow Angel Cove cover is featured on the Library Binding, Large Print edition.  Snow globes are a favorite holiday decoration and this snow globe cover is simple in design but very elegant.  The red barn, horses, wreath inside the globe and the greenery around the base let you know instantly that it is a Christmas story. I wish they had used this version on the other releases, too.


NAL – November, 2015

The fourth and final Honorable Mention is Trimmed with Murder.  Cozy mystery covers always have fun titles and the illustrations are always interesting and detailed.  This holiday mystery is about the Seaside Knitters group and the knitted decorations on the trees made me laugh.  The background features a charming seaside village with the harbor, docks, cottages and of course, the all important little boat.  This is a charming cover that pays homage to the holiday season and yet its whimsy creates a perfect cozy mystery cover.  I love it!

Make sure you visit Cover Cafe between December 1-20 & choose which cover is the best holiday cover for 2015.  Hope to see your vote in December!  You’ll find the ballot link on our home page:  http://covercafe.com

Have a wonderful holiday season! HFFirsts

2015 – November New and Notable Book Covers

I’m a dedicated reader but I enjoy book covers just as much as I love the words inside.  I’m always intrigued by the small cover details that trigger an emotional response and touch our souls.   The books featured in my new and notable posts are covers that reach out and grab my attention every month.  They may not be the best of the best covers produced during the month but they capture this reader’s attention and that’s the ultimate goal of a cover.

Zondervan - November, 2015

Zondervan – November, 2015

The first cover caught my eye because of the charming little candle, the books, and the unusual pose of our heroine and hero.  This Inspirational romance is part of The Chicago World’s Fair Mystery Series and the heroine is a librarian involved in a murder mystery.   Even though the tops of their heads were chopped off, the candlelight illuminating the couple’s features adds to the mystery of the cover.  I forgive the cover designer but I will never understand what partial head chopping accomplishes.

Self Published - November, 2015

Self Published – November, 2015

This cover made me laugh and since it is a cozy murder mystery filled with humor – it’s perfect.  I love the vivid colors and those black and white striped tights had me at “hello”.  The Wicked Witches of the Midwest series mixes witches, mystery, and humor and Life’s A Witch is a fun cover.

Free Spirit Press - November, 2015

Free Spirit Press – November, 2015

There is nothing more romantic than a passionate embrace on an isolated beach.  Couples facing separation during WWII were driven by that one last embrace and the cover of  Where or When captures the moment with a simple and stark background. The cloudy sky, the war planes overhead, and the sunlight breaking through clouds signal both danger and hope at the same time.  This is a lovely cover.

Harlequin Historical - November, 2015

Harlequin Historical – November, 2015

One of the major challenges for cover designers is creating an authentic cover that doesn’t scream “strike a pose”.  I noticed the cover for Morrow Creek Marshal because the hero is doing something authentic. He’s dressed in rumpled clothing he may have slept in the night before and preparing for a morning shave.  Standing at the water pump with his razor, he notices something off in the distance.  Perhaps the heroine has just arrived and he’s mesmerized.  Yes, I am a romantic at heart.  This cover raises all sorts of questions in my mind.

Montlake Romance - November, 2015

Montlake Romance – November, 2015

My final cover for November is how I imagine a perfect summer afternoon. I’m sitting on the dock with someone special and enjoying the beautiful lake with mountains in the distance.  It’s pure heaven and all I would need is a book and my favorite beverage.   Since we had 12 inches of snow on the ground in my suburb this weekend, I am really wishing for this scene in my real life.   What’s your verdict on my November choices?