2016 ~ January Historical Costume Showdown – Take 1

It’s time for the first Poll Central question in 2016 and it’s a costume showdown.  Which historical gown is your favorite from our three January, 2016 releases?  Vote in the poll and then leave a comment below about why you chose your favorite.


(Click on the cover in the poll for a larger size.)

I am 100% charmed by the cream and brown historical gown featured on The Highlander’s Maid but I love the layout, background, and the gown on Undaunted Hope.  Decisions, decisions…


  1. Christiane says:

    Kelly Bowen costume is over the top and the Highlander’s maid is not the costume of a servant. So it leaves the 1st book Undaunted Hope as the most authentic one.

  2. linniegayl says:

    I loved the colors of the Kelly Bowen dress but it didn’t seem accurate, and didn’t like the Highlander’s Maid. Undaunted Hope dress seemed most historically accurate.

  3. Linnae says:

    I voted for the gown on “The Highlander’s Maid” and I might be in the minority on this poll. I seldom see that color combination on covers and the gown caught my eye when I was cover surfing yesterday. Most of the gowns are red, blue, green, white or yellow. The cover isn’t my favorite, just the gown. It’s elegant and I also love her hair.

  4. Kimmie says:

    I chose Highlander’s Maid because I like the more subtle colors, and the historical dress that is worn to something other than a formal event. Duke of My Heart would have won, though, if not for the yellow bows down the front…

    • Linnae says:

      Kimmie – I’m glad there are a few voters that agree with me on the cream and brown gown. I thought I might be the lone vote. FYI :D The yellow bows ruined the red gown for me, too.

  5. Sharon S. says:

    I voted for Duke of my heart just because it’s beautiful.
    I know the volume of the dress is incorrect. I am assuming it’s from the Middle Ages as thats how its styled. Most of the voluMe in this type of dress would be toward the back. Her Hair would not be down and it would Have some sort of covering.
    The firsT cover is probably The mosT correct. The Third one is a maid and no household even the wealthy would have on a dress like that… it’s just inviting trouble from all the men around her.. And possible jeAlousy.

    • sharon s. says:

      Wow! Did I get this one wrong! lol! That’s what happens when you see something small on a tablet and don’t have your glasses on. It’s still a beautiful color. I’d take out the yellow bows and arm ruffles. Not sure of the time period now. If 19th Century not everyone was allowed to wear this color.

      • Linnae says:

        :D Don’t feel bad. They don’t become noticeable until you enlarge the cover. They are a strange addition to the gown but they could be part of the story.

  6. ML says:

    Voted for Undaunted Hope because it looked realistic. I’m tired of the dresses that NEVER END on covers. (I’m waiting for someone to make a parody video of a heroine tripping over her hugely skirted dress.)

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