2016 ~ January Historical Costume Showdown – Take 1

It’s time for the first Poll Central question in 2016 and it’s a costume showdown.  Which historical gown is your favorite from our three January, 2016 releases?  Vote in the poll and then leave a comment below about why you chose your favorite.


(Click on the cover in the poll for a larger size.)

I am 100% charmed by the cream and brown historical gown featured on The Highlander’s Maid but I love the layout, background, and the gown on Undaunted Hope.  Decisions, decisions…

2016 – January New and Notable Book Covers

It’s a new year and we’re off on Cover Cafe’s annual quest of finding the best covers.  Each month, I post a few covers that captured my attention.  They might not be my favorites for the year but they are new and notable.  What did I find in January for our kick-off post?


Zondervan Blink – January, 2016
Cover Design: Kirk DouPonce

My first cover this month is a dystopian tale, Curio by Evangeline Denmark.  The details I noticed first were the skeleton key, the ironwork mixed in with the title,  and that pretty green bottle. I also love the heroine’s red gown and her facial expression is one of wonder but she also appears concerned about something.  The colors are rich and mysterious, too.  I would definitely investigate the story inside this cover.

Marriage Made in Rebellion

Harlequin Historical – January, 2016

My second cover selection, Marriage Made in Rebellion by Sophia James, won me over with both the handsome blonde hero in uniform and the heroine’s pretty blue gown.  The scene of the couple leaving the church wedding ceremony is interesting and stairs are always popular.  Since the title claims the marriage was made in rebellion, the expressions on the couple’s faces are perfect.  They do not have the “lovesick puppy” expression most just married couples have after their wedding.  The cover makes me wonder what the rebellion is all about and researching the details would be the next step.  The series is titled, The Penniless Lords so you know this hero is not wealthy.

Tor - January, 2016

Tor – January, 2016

My third choice, The Drowning Eyes novella by Emily Foster, is stunning and truly a work of art that should be hanging in an art gallery.   The illustrator used a combination of various silver and gold tones and the cover designer used gold for the title creating a luminous finished cover. The turbulent waves dashing over the sides of the ship, the anchor at the heroine’s feet, and the gold compass in her hand signals her bravery and skill for riding out a storm at sea. She could also be standing on the beach watching the ship in the distance fight the waves.  It’s difficult to discern all of the  details because of the waves but the illustration’s chaos gives us a glimpse of riding out a wild storm.

Farrar Straus and Giroux - January, 2016 Cover Design: Elizabeth H. Clark

Farrar Straus and Giroux – January, 2016
Cover Design: Elizabeth H. Clark

My final choice this month, The Killing Jar by Jennifer Bosworth, is a YA fantasy cover and it’s all about whimsy and the play of light and dark.  If I were laying down and several large butterflies were landing in my hair, I’m not sure I would be as calm as the young woman on this cover but then this is a fantasy cover.   I love the red font used for the title and the gold and black tones. It really stands out in thumbnail size.

Is your verdict a thumbs up or thumbs down for my January selections?

2015 Holiday Favorites Contest Results

2015 Holiday Favorites  - First Place

Congratulations to Louise Allen, Harlequin Historicals,

Art Director Krista Oliver,  and Illustrator Robert Papp!

Find out how all ten covers finished and read the voter comments on the results page.

You’ll find the link to the results below:


Leave a comment below about the contest results.

Happy New Year!


 Update:  Comments From The Finalists

From Louise Allen, author of the First Place Cover,  His Christmas Countess:

Wonderful! What a fantastic New Year’s present – I loved the cover immediately and I’m so pleased the Art Department are going to get the acknowledgment they deserve for it.
A wonderful 2016 to you and all at Cover Cafe.

From Laurie Berenson, author of the Second Place Cover, The Bark Before Christmas:

Thank you so much for sharing the results for the Cover Contest! I am thrilled that my cover for THE BARK BEFORE CHRISTMAS placed 2nd in such strong company. What a great outcome and I hope you have a wonderful 2016!