2016 ~ February New and Notable Book Covers

Every month I select a few covers that captured my attention while searching for the best and worst covers for 2016.  They may not be the best covers produced this year nor even nominated but they did their job standing out from all of the “trend” driven covers.  Speaking of  trends, the contest committee wishes long, long dresses, men with semi-exposed chests, and lovely ladies losing their dresses to gravity would fade away.  Don’t even get me started on the chopped male torso covers that dominate the Contemporary scene.  Sigh….imagination has taken a back seat to “copy the other guy” because it sells.  Sorry, rant over for this month.  Let’s see what I found in February that was creative.

Her Scandalous Wish

Blue Rose Romance – February, 2016

The first cover, Her Scandalous Wish by Collette Cameron is romantic and pretty.  Yes, it’s a cover created with  stock photos but I love the couple’s appropriate attire, especially his ruffled shirt and her satin gloves.  Plus, who doesn’t love stardust scattered across their romance covers?


DAW – February, 2016
Illustration – Larry Rostant

My second choice, Winterwood by Jacey Bedford has an interesting heroine named Ross.  She is an unregistered witch and a cross-dressing, swashbuckling privateer.  It’s an intriguing concept and I love the gun at her waist and the doubloons in her left hand.  I wonder about the white wolf or is it a dog in the background?  I am interested in this book and learning more about unregistered witches.


Harlequin Special Edition – February, 2016

My last choice for February is a charming wedding contemporary from Harlequin, I Do…Take Two! by Merline Lovelace.  I love the natural expressions on the couple’s faces, the minimalist background, and the uniform signaling a military romance is inside.  I don’t even mind the pesky little marketing blurb they put off to the side.  There has to be a romantic wedding cover to complete my post because I love romance and it is February, the month of love.  What’s your verdict on this month’s choices?